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    Furthermore here at b+b we use, for ethical reasons, exclusively recycled gold for our jewellery. The reason is that for gaining raw gold from mines a huge number of machines and chemicals is used, which cause enormous harm to man and the environment due to toxic emissions, waste and other secondary products. There is no reason why this should be so! Recycled gold is the better solution. Recycling is the keyword.

    But recycling does not only mean using old jewellery that is no longer worn, gold coins, scrap or dental gold - no, there is also a lot of precious metal to be found in electronic waste. Modern refineries are able to turn "waste" into valuable gold. When the goldsmiths work with this precious metal,  their jewellers tables and instruments are thoroughly vacuum-cleaned and filtered to collect the gold dust and chips. Melted in and recycled we use them as raw material for the production of jewellery.

    By the way, there is no difference in quality between mined gold and recycled gold.

    In our cooperation with certified refineries we contribute towards stopping further cutting down of forests, destroying mountains and polluting our environment for for the extraction of gold.

    We furthermore support the Kimberly Process established to stop trading with conflict diamonds and make sure that no diamonds are purchased from unknown suppliers, doubtful sources, countries or regions not abiding by the Kimberley Certification System. Precious stones not complying with the standards mentioned above are automatically refused respectively returned to the supplier.

    Another important element of our business policy is to take precautions that business partners or third parties are not given advantages to achieve business transactions. It is explicitly forbidden, that members of our staff accept financial gifts or donations of other nature for personal enrichment from customers or suppliers.

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