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    b+b Burkhardt + Bischoff GmbH + Co. KG is a medium-sized industrial company. At our head office in Keltern / Germany as well as in our subsidiary in Thailand we have a total of 200 employees.

    Our appearance and acting towards business world are determined by our business policy depending on a strong feeling of responsibility towards society, environment and the enterprise. In order to achieve sustainable economic success, we count on appreciation, openness and transparency as crucial values which are indispensable for cooperation within and outside the company.

    Being jewellery manufacturers, we process precious metals and as such we feel obliged to be member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

    The RJC is an organization that has set rigorous standards in the jewellery supply chain in order to promote ethical responsibility, human rights and socially respectively environmentally friendly procedures. RJC has its focus on responsibility in the processing of diamonds, gold and platinum metals.

    The RJC has developed a benchmark standard for the jewellery supply chain. In addition, reliable mechanisms have been elaborated to verify responsible business practices by independent auditing and examination.

    As members of the RJC we commit to operate our business in compliance with the RJC “Code of Practice”. We hereby declare that we will consider ethical and ecological aspects in our operative business and planning as well as respect to human rights in our decision-making processes.

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