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Complaints procedure

b+b Burkhardt+Bischoff offers employees, stakeholders, external parties and interest groups the opportunity to report complaints, grievances and concerns regarding the RJC-COP standard in relation to b+b Burkhardt+Bischoff's business relationships and supply chains.

Complaints can be, for example, the display of

  • acting on infringements in connection with the procurement of raw materials, diamonds and gemstones
  • acting in violation of human rights or unlawful working conditions 
  • acting against breaches of environmental regulations
  • dealing in bribes or kickbacks
  • act other infringements of any kind

The monitoring, review and evaluation of the complaints procedure is the direct responsibility of the management of b+b Burkhardt+Bischoff GmbH+Co. KG.

Complaints can be submitted in writing, by telephone or by e-mail (also anonymously) to the following addresses: 

b+b Burkhardt + Bischoff GmbH+Co.KG,

Management Mr Renninger or Mr Schäfer

Tel:        +49 7236 705 0

Fax:       +49 7236 705 999

E-mail:  complaints@bb-jewels.com


We will deal with any justified complaints and tips received in accordance with the procedure described below.

  • Classification according to internal or external violations of RJC policies, human rights or environmental requirements
  • Drawing up a report on the complaint
  • Cause analysis, developing possible solutions
  • Informing and listening to affected parties and working towards solutions - Monitoring the measures taken
  • Informing the complainant about measures taken and decisions made
  • Retention of complaints and related processes for a period of at least 5 years

  Status 2023

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