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Beauty Bijoux DUE DILIGENCE REPORT Fiscal year Aug. 22 - July 23

Risk Management

As a certified RJC member, Beauty Bijoux Co.Ltd. has implemented a risk management system and defined areas of responsibility. Our mission statement and supply chain guidelines, which document our commitment to responsible business practices, are available under www.beauty-bijoux.com. Management has established a grievance procedure for internal and external stakeholders, which is accessible to all under www.beauty-bijoux.com.

Risk Analyses

In accordance with the RJC Code of Pratice and the OECD Guidelines, management analyzes and reviews risks and reports from the different areas and makes the results publicly available annually with this report.

Risk analysis responsible supply chains, human rights and due diligence

The annual reviews of our suppliers in accordance with the KYC principle did not reveal any complaints or indications of violations of our supplier guidelines, human rights or breach of due diligence. The status of long-term and certified suppliers is also checked annually for validity and documented.

Risk analysis of bribes and kickbacks

The review of the purchasing and sales departments did not reveal any indications of irregularities.A gift register is maintained and monitored by management. Criteria and approval procedures are defined which employees must observe when dealing with gifts. Training courses are held for management and employees.

Risk analysis Money laundering and terrorist financing

The Know your Counerparty principle is applied to all existing and newly initiated business relationships. No violations were identified in the areas of purchasing, sales and financial accounting.

Risk analysis health, safety and environment

A committee for occupational safety has been installed. There is a quarterly exchange with the management with regard to possible hazards for employees or occupational accidents. The meetings are minuted and, if necessary, measures are initiated.

The occupational safety committee ensures that

• First aiders with appropriate first aid training are on hand
• Ensure that necessary PPE is provided free of charge.
• Conduct training on fire safety, measures to be taken in the event of an accident or emergency, and evacuation drills
• Develop and implement infection control and hygiene measures

Constant monitoring of waste and emissions with the aim of reduction, recycling reuse and recovery. Substitution testing of hazardous substances with the aim of replacing them with non-hazardous alternatives.

Risk analysis Products made of gold, silver, diamonds and colored gemstones

Materials used are described with the master data stored in the EDP system according to internationally recognized standards and are publicly used in all relevant business transactions. The Kimberly Process for diamonds is applied throughout
and is audited and confirmed annually by an external, independent body. Purchasing diamonds only with proof of natural diamonds, through supplier confirmations, laboratory test reports and inspection by an internal diamond tester. Purchase of precious metals only from LBMA or RJC certified sources.

Risk Analysis Conclusion

As of the date of this report, no violations or grievances have been identified by management or responsible departments. Nevertheless, all measures and processes are constantly reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted and optimized.

Beauty Bijoux Co. Ltd.
July 2023

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